Iron Tiger Fight Series is returning to Express Live this October 27th as Flo Combat will air live “Iron Tiger 84”, live on IPPV.
Big names have already been signed for this giant card, and spots on the show poster are also filling up fast. When it comes to promoting your company, no one does it better then MMA.

We have a variety of packages, challenger, champion and legend. Find out what package works best for you today by contacting are Senior Vice President of Content and Sponsorship Vince McKee at

Here is a just a small listing of what the packages come with.
· Mentions on the PPV before and after fights.
· Mentions by ring Announcer George Phillips before and after fights
· Your name on the ring pads
· Free Cageside seats either on the floor or stage area right next to the cage
· Your logo on the fight poster
· Your logo on the social media and website blast.
· A full 800-1200 word article that will appear on the new Iron Tiger Website all about your company. That article will stay on the website for the rest of our lives. It will never be taken down.
· Your logo with a hyperlink back to your website placed on the main page of our website. It makes readers of the Iron Tiger Website, your customer within seconds.
· After the show is over, a full recap of the show will be put on the website, with a hyperlink back to your company at the very beginning of the company. Thus, someone can’t read about the show until they see that add for you. Again, it is a gigantic feature!

Don’t miss out, contact Vince McKee today at