Since joining the Iron Tiger family in March, Hamilton Contractors has been a staple of every fight card!  They are a family run business by an incredible Christian human being in Bryan Hamilton.  They were founded in 2010 and have been the premier Contracting company everyday they have been in business.

You can visit them here 


They truly care about not only their customer, but the entire community.  Bryan is a visionary with an outlook to make the world a better place.  A lot of people talk the talk, but Hamilton Contractors walks the walk!

Bryan was born in Columbus, OH and bleeds scarlet and gray.  Him and his beautiful wife Bridget, have three kids.  Their oldest son is Jacob, daughter Annie, and the youngest Gabe.  Jacob and Annie play soccer, and Jacob and Gabe study Taekwondo.  Annie loves gymnastics.

Bryan spent many years as a Project Manager for the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, along with being involved in law enforcement. Working for the Diocese, he was able to be involved in many building projects which grew his passion for construction, specifically working on and renovating/preserving churches.  He wanted to start out on his own so he decided to found the company.

They specialize in new builds, additions, whole house and kitchen renovations.  They also offer new builds for both businesses and homeowners using shipping containers.  Their passion still lies in working with churches of all denominations, more specifically historic buildings.

I have the honor and privilege to call Bryan a friend, as well as his wife, brother and sister in law.  They are great people, I cannot stress that enough.  I sat down with Bryan over the weekend to learn a little bit more about Hamilton Contractors, and his commitment and passion for the community.

Q – What is the key to making customers feel like they are more then customers, treating them as human beings and always being open to listen and help with their issues?

A- I think communication is always key, along with the understanding that we are in the project together.  I would rather take a loss and have a happy customer than make a huge profit and the customer not being happy with the experience.

Q- How much do you enjoy being a part of the Iron Tiger MMA Family and what is your favorite part of coming to a live show?

A- We love being part of the Iron Tiger family.  Working with IT we have always felt comfortable and “at home” so to speak.  The people we have met, from the fighters, to the behind the scenes staff, to ownership have become not only business acquaintances but good friends as well.

Q-If someone wants to reach out to you and hire you, what are the best ways to get ahold of you and where can they go to find out more about your services?

A-Our website provides several options to get in touch with us.  Visitors can use the phone number, or simply click on it from a mobile device, use the built-in contact us page, or we now offer live chat to be able to communicate!

Q-Being a small business owner is a 24/7 job, what do you do in the very little spare time you have? 

A-Spending time with my family is always number 1.  When I am not at a game or practice with the kids, I spend time at the gym and enjoy the occasional round of golf.

Q-What are the future goals you have for yourself, your company and expanding your brand overall?

We would love to expand to other cities.  Cleveland is most likely where we would like to be next.  We are working to grow our network to open a design center and office in that area soon.